Protect the Swartswood Lakes, and all other water courses:

A few reminders on simple things we all can do to protect our natural resources.

• If you use fertilizer use for your lawn use only fertilizer labeled as ‘phosphate free’. Phosphorous based fertilizer will make your lawn green but it also promotes lake weed growth.  Keeping grass clippings out of the lake is vital too.

• Avoid disposal of plastic products, including fishing line, in the lake. There are fish line collection tubes located around the lake. There is one at the dam, and at the boat launches. This is being recycled by the Stillwater Township Environmental Commission.  When plastics get ingested it can kill aquatic animals.

• If you cut milfoil, coontail, or other invasive aquatic weeds remove the clippings from the lake. Loose clippings can re-root elsewhere.

• When entering and exiting any water course clean your boat, trailer and motor. This is a best defense against transfer of invasive aquatic species. The same applies to fishing equipment, waders and boots. Felt soled wader boots should be treated or dried for one week before use in another water course. This procedure protects against the spread of rock snot (real name).

• Know invasive species like Purple Loosestrife and water chestnuts. In the case of water chestnut, its presence needs to be reported and immediately eradicated. Water Chestnut is highly invasive!

Water Chestnut
Purple Loosetrife