On an annual basis our volunteers dedicate thousands of hours to the Swartswood Lakes community. Since 1993 SLWA has been successful in obtaining grants for:

  • Installation of an aeration system (1993)

  • Aerator modified and updated (2003)

  • Introduction of weevils in 1999 and 2000 for Milfoil control

  • Purchase of  a weed harvester (1995)

  • Stormwater Grant Studies awarded (2000 and 2003)

  • A Total Maximum Daily Load Study (TMDL) - of nutrients, phosphates, etc.  currently being conducted by New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

  • Water quality monitoring - ongoing since 1993 - for temperature, clarity and dissolved oxygen

The efforts of SLWA have been successful because of support by other stakeholders which includes Swartswood State Park, New Jersey Department of Fish and Game, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Paradise Fishing Club, Swartswood Yacht Club, Camp Lou Henry Hoover, Camp Aldersgate, Stillwater Township, Hampton Township, Sussex County and US Geological Survey. 

The preliminary projection of the TMDL study indicates that phosphorous in Swartswood Lake is from three sources which are nutrients within the lake (44%), storm water (43%) and septic (13%). The next step of the TMDL process will be to address how to best reduce phosphorous levels. Some proposed methods are a deep water siphon, continued storm water control efforts, septic management,  goose control, etc.

SLWA needs your support. Join us for our semi-annual public meetings held in May and September at Camp Lou Henry Hoover.
“Save Our Swartswood”

This S.O.S. is the theme adopted by the Swartswood Lakes and Watershed Association to enlist support from concerned people who love and care about Swartswood Lake.

Much has been accomplished.  Here is what has been done:

Dialogue and cooperation with the NJ DEP continues to be the direction and focus of your Lake association.  Some of the challenges being addressed with the DEP include:

• Scheduling Lake lowering every two  years.

• Seeking one permit for all chemical  weed control and goose control

• Participation with the DEP in creating a  Lake Management Plan

Your membership and financial support will facilitate these ongoing efforts by SLWA to represent your interests in the health and management of Swartswood Lake.

Thank you for your support!

Margaret Emmetts, President

A note from the president: